Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nov 6, 2022

Voting for our Pastoral Council elections is now underway on our website and will continue until 20 November.  Candidates’ resumes and photos are posted on our parish website and in the church narthex .  I hope that you will prayerfully review them in order to discern our future parish leadership. Paper ballots will be available at all Masses on the weekend of 19/20 November.

       HarvestFest is a relatively new fall activity that each year gets better.  Thanks so much to Sherry Snyder for her untiring leadership in creatively shepherding the development of this event, and to the parishioners who offered the gift of their time last weekend in setting up, cleaning up, and staffing the event.  Thanks to all those who came out to support HarvestFest 2022!

       Tuesday is Election Day.  We have included as inserts in the bulletin Gubernatorial and Congressional candidate responses to a survey done by the Maryland Catholic Conference.  Please make sure you exercise your right, privilege, and duty as an American to vote!

       Thanks to all who have supported the work of Heartly House in the area of domestic abuse by donating gifts cards during the month of October—and to all those who took part in the Frederick Forty Days for Life vigil which ends this weekend.

       I bring to your attention three new parish groups that are starting this month.  A weekly ZOOM Study of Matthew’s gospel is beginning on 16 November.  This will provide valuable background information as we listen to Matthew’s gospel throughout the upcoming liturgical year.  A monthly support group for those dealing with increased vision loss will be meeting on 8 November.  And Sanctuary of Hope, a monthly safe place to have conversations about mental health, will start meeting on 14 November.  Our parish is committed to reach out in various ways to address the needs of our parishioners, and more information about these programs is available in the bulletin this week.

Fr. Keith

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