Easter Sunday

Apr 9, 2023

Many thanks to our parishioners and staff members whose generous and talented service has graced our parish in recent weeks, especially our liturgy planning team, music ministry, liturgical ministers, RCIA team, ministry leaders, and church decorators.  Everyone working together has enabled our faith community to grow spiritually and worship God prayerfully during the Lenten season, recognizing how God is always reaching out to us and no doubt always wondering “Can you hear me… now?”

            We welcome Lisa O’Connell and Tiya Cornejo who celebrated the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) at the Easter Vigil on Saturday night– as did so many other newly-initiated Christians around the world. Congratulations to these newest members of our Catholic faith community!

       I look forward to seeing many of you at our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner this coming Saturday. Please call the office by noon Tuesday if you would like to attend—all parish adult volunteers are welcome!

       When Jesus was raised from the tomb, God was inviting us to experience what is called the “paschal mystery”—that is, believing and living that, in Jesus, life triumphs over death, and light triumphs over darkness, and generosity triumphs over selfishness, and love triumphs over hatred.  There are so many human struggles and sadness in the world… and the power of evil sometimes overwhelms us.  I feel so powerless when seeing the death and destruction that has been experienced by the people of Ukraine over the last year.

       But in the Feast of the Resurrection that we celebrate today, God says to us once again, as God did through Jesus so many times, “Be not afraid—have hope.”  Celebrate Easter this year by remembering this message. That’s the good news of the Easter gospel—as a disciple, make sure you share it with someone who needs that message of hope right now in their lives.

       A Joyous Easter to you and your loved ones!

Fr. Keith

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