23 July 2023

The Katharine Konnection

Fr. Keith’s Korner


Fr. Keith’s Korner

          Serving at Mass is a great way for young people to be involved in the liturgy and make a contribution to our worship.  Altar servers often start serving at the end of fourth grade and continue through high school.  Because our servers keep graduating from high school and going off to college, recruiting new altar servers is a continual task. If you would like to serve your parish in this way, please contact Lisa Wrzesinski through the information listed in this bulletin to participate in the training session scheduled for this Thursday 25 July.

            For several years Catholic pastors have been having a problem all over the country with e-mail scams.  People posing as the pastor of a parish contact parishioners– and if they respond, ask for gift cards or some other way of obtaining money. Please know that I will never send an e-mail saying “Are you busy?  Let me know if we can talk…”   or “I need a favor—could you purchase a gift card for my niece in the hospital?”  If you are ever in doubt, please give me a call and check with me—but, otherwise, just delete. We have been told, unfortunately, that there is nothing we can do to stop what is a very unethical practice.

       This month we welcome Kim Hanner as the new interim principal at Saint John Regional Catholic School.  Kim has been involved in Catholic Education for twenty years, and has been part of the Saint John Regional Catholic School Community for 16 years.  She succeeds Annette Jones who has joined the Baltimore Archdiocesan Schools Office this month.

       Our Vacation Bible School was quite successful last month in sharing the joy of Jesus with so many of our young people.  The children brought in donations to support the lunch program at the Institute Jerome Bellanton elementary school in Haiti, and we are grateful for the $192 donation that was raised!  We also want to express thanks to Greg Anderson for the planetarium visit he provided for the children.


Rev. Keith W. Boisvert


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