Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nov 12, 2023

This weekend we celebrate the seven-year anniversary of the dedication of our church building.  Due to your generosity in the monthly mortgage collection, we have been able to make our mortgage payment every month—and so thanks very  much for your faithful and generous support.

In the past we have offered various SKD holiday items (such as tree ornaments), and this year we have a new one—a Cat’s Meow Shelf Sitter featuring the façade of our church building.  This can be displayed on a shelf, a mantle, or a doorframe.  Use the QR code on a bulletin insert to order in time for Christmas.  Our thanks to Margaret Procario for facilitating this idea.

Each fall we publish an Annual Report, providing a public accounting of our financial situation and a reflection on the state of our parish.  All registered parishioners receive a copy in the mail at home, and I want to thank our parish corporators Mary Beth Clark and Steve Heine, as well as our Director of Finance Pat O’Connor, for their diligence and dedication in issuing this report each year.  We are also grateful for the design skills of parishioner Brian Zuckerman.

Each year at Christmastime we reach out to assist low-income families in the area around Saint Gregory the Great Church in inner-city Baltimore.  We plan to assist 150 families with gift cards for dinner and gifts for children.  Our sign-up process has begun, and I invite you to connect with another family in this way during the holiday season, living out our mission statement of “giving selflessly.”  Thanks to the family of Peg O’Hara (project founder) who continues to lovingly coordinate this parish program in her memory.

Advent begins on 2/3 December.  Until then we will have a display of Advent wreathes, candles, books, and calendars after all the Masses.  And, anticipating the construction of our new Memorial Garden, there will be a narthex table throughout November where you can inquire about a $250 parishioner discount.

Fr. Keith

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