Third Sunday of Advent

Dec 17, 2023

Many people enjoy prayerfully preparing the scripture readings at home before coming to Mass each weekend.  This can be done individually or as a family. Various books will be available for sale on the center narthex table over the next few weeks, containing either the Sunday readings or the weekday readings for the new liturgical year. You’ll notice that there is also a Sunday missal available, which contains the Mass prayers in addition to the scripture readings.

       On Sunday evening this weekend, the children of our parish will treat us to a Christmas Pageant and lead us into the spirit of the season of Christ’s birth during our annual “Almost Christmas” Party.  We thank all the children who are participating, as well as Margaret Moos and her other assistants for their dedication in preparing this presentation for our parish. Everyone is invited—and please remember to bring a gift for Birthright and some cookies to share!

       In order to pray at home as a family during the holidays– beyond grace before meals– you might think about gathering together at the Christmas manger for a blessing.  We’ve included an insert in the bulletin this weekend to assist you with this prayer at home.  

       During Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) our faith community collected gifts cards in order to personally support the clients at Heartly House, a domestic violence shelter here in Frederick.  We’ve included a thank you letter as an insert this week which demonstrates once again how when each one of us does our part… a big impact can be made.

       Next weekend the celebrations of the 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas collide—so please be aware that we are celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Advent on Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 9:00 AM.  Note that there will be no Sunday Mass at 11:00 AM.  Christmas Masses then begin at 2:00 PM on Sunday (Christmas Eve) and continue as indicated on the liturgical schedule that is available as a bulletin insert.

Fr. Keith

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