Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jan 28, 2024

World Marriage Day will be celebrated this year on 10/11 February at all Masses, and we will produce a bulletin insert acknowledging those couples who are celebrating a special 5-year anniversary in 2024.  Please complete the information form in the bulletin (or on our parish website) by Monday 5 February if you would like to be acknowledged in this special celebration of marriage. 

       This week we join the national observance of Catholic Schools Week.  To begin the week, students from local Catholic Schools are serving in various ministries at the 11:00 AM Mass this weekend.  We celebrate these educational institutions who strive to integrate a faith perspective into all aspects of student life, and we give thanks for the sacrifice many parents make to afford the tuition at these schools.  The monthly 2nd collection for Catholic School Education goes directly to the Frederick County Tuition Assistance Fund to assist families in financial need.

     Many of our parishioners have received a mail solicitation regarding the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries.  Our parish is part of a larger Church, and the Appeal is one way that we demonstrate our participation in that Archdiocesan and even broader worldwide faith community. If the brochure is sitting on your desk at home, please take a moment to complete the donation form and help us reach our parish goal.  The parish rebate we receive helps to fund some of our important ministries each year.

       At several upcoming Masses we are enrolling children who are preparing to receive First Communion this spring.  They are studying and praying at home with their parents and attending several sessions (including a retreat day) here at the parish during their preparation time.  For them, let’s make sure the example of Christ’s presence in our daily living reveals the influence of the Eucharist we receive at Mass.

       It was good to be away, and great to be back!

Fr. Keith

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