Fourth Sunday of Easter

Apr 21, 2024

Over the last several years there has been increased discussion about the issue of racism taking place across our country.  To help us grow in awareness at our own parish, our Social Justice Committee is sponsoring the presentation “Invisible Systems” on Sunday 28 April at 2:00 PM.  Several of our own parishioners suggested making this opportunity available for our parishioners after seeing it elsewhere.  More information can be found in the bulletin and on our parish website.

       This weekend we are celebrating our relationship with our partner-parish, St. Hubert (in Ennery, Haiti) with a pre-Mass presentation.  We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of partnership this year, and a bulletin insert last weekend detailed the development over a decade. Our partnership continues to grow, and it’s a visible sign of our membership in the Body of Christ.  Thanks in advance for your generous support of our 2nd collection for Haiti next weekend.

            Our 21st annual Volunteer Appreciation Party occurred last weekend, and we had a spirited crowd of our parishioners in attendance.  This evening is a great testimony to the way we live out our parish mission statement of “giving selflessly in realization of the Kingdom of God.”  And so, “thanks again” to all of our dedicated volunteers—and especially to those parishioners (pictured on the bulletin front cover) who received “Kate Awards” this year!

Because of such a positive response last year, our Environmental Stewardship Committee is again coordinating a helpful Recycling Event on our parking lot next Saturday morning.  They will be accepting (among other things) paper to be shredded, shoes and clothing that aren’t wearable, small appliances, and any kind of scrap metal—as well as sponsoring a native plant sale.  You will be able to drive in and drop off—so don’t miss the opportunity to do some spring housecleaning and help our planet at the same time!

Fr. Keith

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