Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 5, 2024

As a faith community, we have been blessed to have Daniel Owens leading our music ministry now for twenty years this weekend!  He has been serving our parish through all its development phases… in the theater at Frederick Community College, in the gym at Saint John Regional Catholic School, and in our beautiful new church building.  In each phase he has responded graciously and creatively to the particular demands and challenges of each place.  We thank Daniel for his musical, pastoral, technical, and liturgical skill which enables our music program to deepen our experience of spirituality and lead all of us closer to God through prayerful worship.

       I’m so grateful for your generosity in our Haiti Fund collection last weekend.  This Fund allows us to stipend the six trained lay leaders in the various out-lying areas of our partner parish, as well as provide tuition aid to families at Saint Hubert parish, support the lunch program at Jerome Bellanton Institute, and help with building renovations.  The pastor there, Fr. Faubert, joins me in saying: “Merci Beaucoup!”

       As you can see, our Memorial Garden construction (between the large parking lot and the school building) is moving ahead and we can begin to see the outlines of the plan we had on paper actually taking shape.  This is the last chance to have your name listed on the brass plaque (which must be ordered this week) for all gifts given in memory of loved ones.  There are only (a) labyrinth paver sections and (b) three granite benches left to be sponsored.  Please use the button on our website to complete the form and return it with payment to the parish office by the end of this week.

       We opened our new church building in November 2016 with a mortgage of over $2 Million, and have been faithfully making payments ever since through your generosity in our monthly collection.  With our

1 May payment, we are now below $1 Million (as you can see in the bulletin this week).  Thanks so much!

Fr. Keith

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