Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jun 30, 2024

I looked back to discover that the first “Fr. Keith’s Korner” was published in the summer of 2003.  I have been sharing my thoughts with you each weekend now for 21 years, and have done so (even when inconvenient) because faithfulness is a sigh of commitment and love.   I am grateful that so many of you have also responded with faithfulness, and that helps to create a great community of faith!

A new booklet detailing the design of our church building has just been published and is available for purchase this weekend.  It is very well written, and helps the reader to appreciate the meaning of all the choices made during construction.  Thanks to all who collaborated to accomplish this task for our parish.

We have been blessed for many years as a faith community with a talented team of pastoral associates who are very dedicated to their ministry. A listing of ministry responsibilities for the coming year is included this week as a bulletin insert so that you know who to contact for various programs.  Also, each spring our Pastoral Council discerns focus areas for the new fiscal year, to guide its work and set its agenda– and these goals for 2024-25 are listed on an insert in the bulletin.

Over the last month, I have been experiencing occasional emotional moments at Mass, realizing it would soon be time to say goodbye.  I am so deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to be your pastor, and, through the Holy Spirit, to help develop a vision for what a Christian community of faith might look like in the world today.  Over the past quarter century,

it has been a privilege for me to invite people into that process, and so many parishioners have come forward offering gifts of time talent, and treasure to help bring that vision to life. To be honest, it was a lot of work… but I am amazed at what God has accomplished in our midst.  I leave with a deep sense of gratitude and peace.  Please welcome Fr. Matt into your hearts as you have welcomed me.  I will miss you all.  Love,

Fr. Keith

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