Sunday Children’s Ministries

Our parish believes in supporting the growing faith of our young people and we put our belief into action each Sunday.

  • Nursery (up to 3 years old) – supervised playtime where crawling, noisy toys and squealing are welcome! Come for the entire Mass or drop in for a place to play when it is too hard to sit quietly in church. Email Ana Maria Alvarado for more information.
  • Kate’s Kids (3 to 5 years old) – liturgically based program for the duration of Mass including the age-appropriate Gospel reading, a related craft, music, and playtime. Email Theresa Anderson for more information.
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word(Grades K-4) – while beginning and ending Mass with their families, these children have the opportunity to hear God’s word and talk about its messages in a way that applies to their lives. Email Brian McCrohan for more information.
  • Kate’s Special Buddies (Children and youth with developmental disabilities) – liturgically based program that meets every Sunday at our 11AM Mass that utilizes the curriculum for Kate’s Kids with adaptations for developmentally disabled children. Each child is paired with an assistant so registration for this program is required. Email Ana Maria Alvarado for more information.

Registration Required? Not for Nursery, Kate’s kids, or Children’s Liturgy of the Word, all three ministries are on a drop-in basis. Your child can come for one Sunday or all year with no registration or fee. Friends or family members visiting you may also take part. We do ask for a Registration for Kate’s Special Buddies.

Supervised? Yes, each ministry is staffed by adult and teen volunteers who are in full compliance with our child protection policies, including VIRTUS training and background checks.

Can I stay with my child? Of course, parents are always welcome to come to any of the ministries for all or a portion of the session. Many find that after a couple of weeks, their child doesn’t need a parent to feel comfortable.

My child is somewhat young for his/her age. What should we do? Children mature at different rates. Some three-year-olds are ready for Kate’s Kids, while others still enjoy the nursery’s unstructured play. Some kindergarteners are better suited for the crafts and stories of Kate’s Kids, but they’re not yet ready to attend Mass and participate in Children’s Liturgy — and that’s OK. We encourage parents to choose the place that works best for their child.

Can I help?

You bet! We welcome adult volunteers (whether you have children using these ministries or not!) and teen volunteers to work directly with the children or to do “behind the scenes” things such as preparing the crafts, organizing the toys or duplicating the worksheets. Compliance with our child protection policy must be completed before you begin as a volunteer.

Do I need to be a teacher or a catechist to be a volunteer?

No. Our volunteers have many different career backgrounds and each one’s talents are a gift to our ministry.

How often would I be needed if I volunteered?

Usually, each ministry schedules you to staff one Sunday a month, but we honor your request based on your availability.

Is it fun?

Definitely! Oh, were you asking if the children have fun? Yes, they do too!

How do I find out more?

Contact the parish office at 301-360-9581 or complete the online form to find out more about these ministries and how you might become involved.

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