Staff Contact: Brian McCrohan

This option supports the belief that parents/guardians are the primary formers in the faith of their children. The home study option allows parents/guardians to work at their own pace with their child throughout the year. An age-appropriate textbook will be provided for each child, along with the material that helps parents/guardians in teaching multiple children of different ages within the same household.

Optional Parent/Guardian session:                                               Early start resource distribution – 6/21, 12:15

Mandatory Parent/Guardian sessions:                                         Orientation/Resource Distribution – 9/13, 12:15

_                                                                                                            Mid-year review – 1/10, 12:15

Mandatory Parent/Guardian and children/teen session:         Family Life Retreat – 1/31, times TBA

Mandatory Parent/Guardian and children/teen session:         End of year gathering – 4/25, 12:15

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